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Independent Directors
We are a leading provider of independent director services to investment funds and other investment entities. Bell Rock has been at the forefront of fund governance for many years and we act on the boards of hedge funds, private equity funds (including investment committees), venture capital funds, infrastructure funds and investment managers, involving investors and fund managers located internationally. We also act as directors for blockchain and crypto funds with significant experience in developments in the digital asset and blockchain space whilst combining our years of governance experience to help managers navigate Cayman fund governance and regulatory requirements. We also act as directors to blockchain DAO's which will often form Cayman foundations or operating entities in Cayman. Our experience includes DAO's with founders around the world and across the spectrum of use cases for blockchain.

Being a truly independent firm – we do not provide services that may conflict with our role as board members such as fund administration or legal services. Independence and the experience of the board members provides comfort to investors and regulators.
The Bell Rock team are professionally qualified and recruited from household names in the financial services industry.
Cayman Fund Manager Formation

Licensed Independent Directors

Our team of directors act for a select number of board positions and act in a professional capacity. Given the risk and personal liability associated with acting as a director on any board, we take our role seriously and adhere to industry developments on fund governance, regulation and are often in attendance at industry conferences.
All members of Bell Rock that act as fund directors are registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority pursuant to the Directors Registration and Licensing Law of the Cayman Islands.
For further information or to contact one of our team please see: Our Team
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