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Many countries have data protection laws that protect the privacy of individuals by regulating the way in which businesses handle personal information.  Among other things, data protection laws require businesses that handle personal information to be open and transparent about why and how they handle personal information.

The purpose of this Website Privacy Notice is to inform you why and how Bell Rock Group ("we" or "us") handles personal information about visitors to the website at ("our website").  This Website Privacy Notice will apply to you if you visit any part of our website but otherwise it will not apply to you.

Our website is owned and operated by Bell Rock Group Financial Services Limited ("Bell rock"), for its own benefit and for the benefit of all members of Bell Rock.  The registered office of Bell Rock is Centennial Towers, 205c, 2454 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman KY1-1303, Cayman Islands.

Please note that Bell Rock is subject to the Cayman Islands’ Data Protection Act (As Revised), but it is not subject to privacy laws of jurisdictions outside the Cayman Islands. 

The types of personal information which we collect through our website will vary depending on how the visitors interact with our website, but they can be grouped into the following categories:

Name and contact details. If you express interest in insights, services, and opportunities we provide, for example by downloading publications from our website, registering on our website to receive newsletters, or signing up to an event hosted by us, we may ask you to submit your name and/or contact details.
User authentication details. Some parts of our website are only accessible by registered users. If you become a registered user, we will also hold the log-in details you use to access restricted parts of our website.
Connection details. Technical information relating to the connection between our website and the computer or other device you use to access our website, such as the type and version of Internet browser you are using, the IP address from which you connect to our website, date / time you connected to (or disconnected from) our website, etc.
Website usage. Information relating to how you make use of our website, such as the particular sections or pages of our website you visit, newsletters / whitepapers which you download from our website, content on our website which you 'like' or 'share' using social media plug-ins used on our website, etc.
Marketing preference. Any preference as to marketing communication you indicate to us, for example whether or not you wish to receive marketing communication from us, what parts of our businesses or which particular issues and topics are of interest to you, etc.
Content preference. Based on your marketing preference and website usage, we may deduce which of the insights, services, and opportunities we offer might be of interest to you.
Career interests and job applications. We advertise vacancies on our website and accept job applications through our website. If you browse jobs on our website, we will collect information about your career interests based on your website usage and if you apply for any job through our website, we will collect any additional information you submit with your application.

We do not normally collect personal information which constitutes so-called 'sensitive personal data' through our website, but we may do so occasionally, for example where we receive a job application containing a declaration of criminal record or response to diversity questionnaire, or where delegates attending an event we are hosting ask us to make adjustment to address food allergies or disabilities.
It is our position that the bulk of the information concerning visitors to our website do not constitute information that are legally protected under data protection laws.  This is because whilst we can ascertain the approximate geographical region from which visitors to our website access our website and distinguish how different visitors access / use our website, we will not be in a position to precisely identify who they are, unless they provide us with identifying information such as name and contact details (e.g. when registering on our website).

Therefore, if you remain a passive, unregistered visitor to our website who does not make use of any of the interactive features of our website (e.g. online forms or social media plug-ins), it is unlikely that we will be able to specifically identify you from any other information concerning your use of our website we might be holding.

We collect personal information about visitors to our website for the following reasons:

Promoting our business. To promote the services we offer and career opportunities within our businesses, including by identifying ways to improve how we promote different parts of our businesses to different target audiences, and by contacting you about our events, updates, articles, surveys, or services which may be of interest to you and your organization.
Maintaining and improving our website. To improve and optimize the content of our website as well as the way in which our website works, for example by detecting / resolving connection issues or security issues, remembering the visitors' settings and preferences, gauging the popularity of our website's content, etc.
User authentication. To identify visitors who are registered users and grant them access to restricted parts of our website.
Responding to requests and enquiries. To respond to requests and enquiries submitted through our website, for example requests to register for events we are organizing, requests to download reports published on our website, enquiries regarding services we offer, enquiries regarding career opportunities, etc.
Processing job applicants. To process job applications submitted through our website.
Protecting our reputation and interests. Our website is accessible by the general public. Unfortunately this means that actors with malicious intentions can also access our website (e.g. those who make enquiries as part of a phishing attempt or those who attempt to hack into our IT systems).Where it is appropriate and necessary to do so, we will use personal information collected through our website to protect our reputation and interests, for example by blocking malicious actors or reporting them to the authorities.

We collect personal information about visitors to our website in the following ways:

By asking visitors to complete and submit online forms (including, where applicable, by uploading file attachments such as CV).
By analyzing the traffic to our website, which we monitor as part of broader, routine monitoring of our IT applications and systems.

How long does retain the personal information collected?

With respect to personal information which are in effect anonymous, we will not apply any specific retention period and we may retain such personal information for as long as we consider it to be relevant to our business. 

Where we have obtained identifying information which allows the identification of visitors to our website, we will retain the personal information in a form which permits identification only for as long as we continue to have a need to use the personal information for the purposes we have described above.

The personal information we collect through our website may be shared with the following categories of third parties:

Our affiliates and subsidiaries. We will forward requests, enquiries, and job applications received through our website to the members of Bell Rock that are best placed to respond to them.
Our service providers. We enlist the support of a broad range of service providers (including those that are part of Bell Rock as well as those that are not in any way affiliated to us) in maintaining and improving our website, promoting our businesses, and processing job applications. Such service providers often need to handle personal information on our behalf in order to provide their services to us.
Other third parties with whom we collaborate in promoting our businesses. From time to time we organize, host, or participate in events and initiatives that involve our peers and other actors in our industry sector (e.g. conferences, round tables, charitable events, etc.).If you express interest in such events or initiatives, we may share your details with such third parties.
Police, regulators, courts / tribunals, and other like authorities. Where it is appropriate and necessary to do so (e.g. to protect our reputation and interests or where we are under a legal or regulatory obligation to do so), we will share personal information of visitors to our website with such authorities.

Our website is hosted with WIX which is committed to the highest international privacy and security regulations. Our website security certificates include PCI DSS Level 1, Soc 2 Type 2 and several ISOs, and we’re compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD. All Wix sites include the HTTPS and SSL protocols, which ensure the communication between vistiors and is completely secure. Any data traveling between visitor servers and stays encrypted, so it's a safe browsing experience for all. 

Depending on a number factors (e.g. whether or not we actually hold any identifying information about you that enables us to specifically identify you as a visitor to our website and which particular member of Bell Rock in which country is making use of your personal information that we have collected through our website), you may have certain rights in relation to your personal information.

For example, if a Bell Rock member based in Europe uses your personal information collected through our website to promote its services to you, you could benefit from a range of rights you enjoy under the European data protection laws, such as the right to ask us to:

  • grant you access to your personal information;

  • correct inaccuracies in your personal information;

  • delete your personal information; and

  • stop using your personal information for direct marketing purposes,

  • and you also have the right to complain to the relevant regulator if you believe we have mishandled your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how our website handles personal information, please reach out to your usual point of contact within Bell Rock.  Alternatively, you can email your query to

If you wish to stop receiving marketing emails from us or change the type of marketing email you receive from us, you can click on the 'unsubscribe' link which we include in every marketing email we send.  You can also register on our website and update your marketing preferences.  If these features are absent or not working properly for any reason, please let us know and we will address them.

We will endeavor to respond satisfactorily to any request, query, or complaint you may have in respect of your personal information, but if you are dissatisfied with our response and wish to make a formal complaint, or if you simply wish to learn more about your rights, you can contact the Cayman Islands Ombudsman:

PO Box 2252
Grand Cayman KY1-1107
Cayman Islands

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