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Cayman Islands Registered Office

Company law in the Cayman Islands requires that every corporate entity or limited liability partnership establishes and maintains a Registered Office in the jurisdiction, regardless of where its business may be conducted.

Our Registered Office service provides your company with a physical address that is shown on the public register, enhancing corporate transparency. The registered office is also your legal entity’s official point of contact for governments, supervisory bodies and other regulatory agencies.

Official notices sent to the registered office often require a timely response and you can depend on our experienced staff to respond efficiently. More than that, you can rely on our corporate services professionals to be aware of legal developments and changing requirements in the jurisdiction and flag any potential issues with you, as well as suggesting solutions.

Our registered office services include:

  • the use of a local mailing address and a mail forwarding service

  • preparation and submission of annual returns, as directed

  • a location for the maintenance of statutory corporate or partnership records

  • certification and notarisation of documents (including apostille)

  • obtaining certificates of good standing

  • obtaining certificates of incumbency

  • Drafting resolutions and updating the register of members, register of directors and officers and register of charges and mortgages, as required

  • filing changes of the legal entity with the relevant registrars

  • filing changes or notifications to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

  • maintaining the beneficial owners register, if applicable.

As a licensed and regulated Company Manager, Bell Rock provides Cayman Islands registered office and entity management services to a wide range of clients as well as entity incorporation and other professional services. For further information on our registered office services, please contact us:


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