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Hedge Funds - Launching a Hedge fund - Emerging Manager Fund Platform

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This guide is focused on the launch of a hedge fund for emerging managers. Given the increased amount of compliance, regulatory and operational costs involved with launching a hedge fund, it is becoming the norm to outsource the middle and back office functions to a platform provider such as CV5 Capital, so fund managers can not only avoid the ever increasing upfront costs and time to launch but also ensure they can focus on what they do best - the fund strategy and raising capital for their fund.

CV5 Capital is a regulated offshore hedge fund platform, that enables fund managers to focus on just that, whilst leveraging our expertise in launching hundreds of funds, legally and operationally, whilst providing ongoing governance and compliance support to your fund operations.

Key Benefits

  1. domiciled in the worlds leading jurisdiction for hedge funds

  2. tax neutral - zero taxes

  3. regulated to provide comfort to your investors

  4. speed to launch - a matter of weeks to launch

  5. significantly reduced upfront legal costs

  6. institutional quality service providers - independent and professional

  7. audited to provide an audited track record to your investors

  8. compliance and regulatory support

  9. independent directors and oversight

  10. on-going support from a highly experienced team based in Cayman

For information on the significant benefits of CV5 Capital's hedge fund platform for emerging managers, please contact us:

CV5 Capital is a registered investment manager with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in accordance with the Securities Investment Business Act.

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